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Carrot Benefits

Rich in carotenoids, Carrot display powerful anti-oxidants. Beta-carotene and lycopene present in carrot seed oil give them orange and reddish hues. Here’s why Carrots are a boon for your skin.

Improves skin glow
Carrots enhance your skin’s glow while nourishing your dull skin.
Prevents wrinkles
Carrots contain beta carotene which stimulates collagen production and thus prevents premature aging and wrinkles.
Increases sun resistance
Carrots reduce skin’s sensitivity by increasing its sun’s resistance.
Treats skin blemishes
Beta carotene and lycopene present in Carrots provide them hues, which help in treating skin blemishes and generate new skin cells.
Opens clogged pores
Carrots cleanse skin deeply, clearing open pores
Nourishes dry skin
Carrots nourish your dry skin and hydrate it deeply.for your skin.
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